The Facts


Almost 80% of lung cancer is diagnosed after it has spread to other organs


5-year survival rate


52% of patients die in the first year after diagnosis

Early detection of lung cancer enables earlier intervention and saves lives.

CT scanning is the gold standard for lung cancer screening. CT screening has high sensitivity if repeated annually. but poor specificity and low positive predictive value (PPV) and accuracy.

The Impact

Intervention in the early stage of disease, while it is still localised, improves the 5-year survival rate for lung cancer by more than 3 times to 56% of patients.

Lung cancer 5-year survival rates

  • All Stages

  • Distant Tumours

  • Localised

Oncimmune is a leading early cancer detection company. It has pioneered the development of autoantibody assay technologies that have the potential to allow cancer detection up to four years earlier than other methods and can be applied to a wide range of solid tumour types.


In 2009, Oncimmune launched its proprietary platform technology for early cancer detection, called EarlyCDT®. The first test, EarlyCDT®-Lung, was commercialised in 2009 and test marketed until 2012, at which time it launched nationally across the US and since then over 150,000 commercial tests have been sold. It is now available through physicians in the US and also privately in the UK and other regions.

EarlyCDT-Lung is a simple blood test which is ordered by a doctor to aid in the risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer in high-risk patients and to stratify indeterminate pulmonary nodules for the risk of malignancy.


The Company also aims to develop the test for other cancers, in particular liver and ovarian cancers where EarlyCDT tests cancer are undergoing validation.


Oncimmune Ltd is headquartered in Nottingham, UK and testing is conducted in our CLIA-approved laboratory, based in De Soto, Kansas, USA

How to use EarlyCDT—Lung

How does EarlyCDT—Lung work?

EarlyCDT—Lung measures blood levels of a panel of seven autoantibodies to tumourassociated antigens that are linked to lung cancer. The seven autoantibodies have been shown to be elevated for all types of lung cancer, and from the earliest stage of the disease. Unlike the tumour antigens themselves, the autoantibody levels can be measured easily and accurately, based upon the signal magnification created by the body’s immune response to cancer. The test runs on a simple enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) platform, which is widely available in hospital laboratories around the world and in Oncimmune’s CLIA laboratory in Kansas, US.


More than 155,000 tests have already been performed for patients worldwide, which represents tests ordered by more than 2,000 clinicians. EarlyCDT—Lung detects all types and stages of lung cancer and has led to the detection of numerous early stage lung cancers. EarlyCDT—Lung is now available in many countries. Please see the list of test providers at http://oncimmune.com/distributors/